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Permanent Insurance

  • Group Health Benefits

    Group Benefits are provided by employers and associations to assist their employees cover the costs of medical/health expenses that the provincial health plans may not pay for.

    • May include group life, disability, critical illness coverage
    • Tax-effective way to compensate employees
    • Helps with employee retention
    • Allows employees to get coverage they would otherwise not have access to due to medical eligibility and/or cost

    Group Benefits can be used in the following instances:

    • To attract and retain employees

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  • Group Savings Benefits

    A group RRSP plan is offered by employers or associations to help employees save for their retirement. Some employers may offer to match a portion of the employee’s contribution. It is a great way to help employees save for the future while deferring some of their taxes.

    • Wide range of investment options available
    • Typical percentage of contributions ranges between 3% to 10% of employee’s pay.
    • The employee chooses contribution percentage.

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