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At Kelvin Chong - Life Insurance Brokers, we use expertise built on ethics and sound principles. With a combined experience of over 50 years, we are well versed at finding the best options in the insurance industry while understanding the risk associated with one’s health and their financial well-being.

Life Insurance Brokers in Ottawa Ontario

You will have peace of mind working with an insurance advisor from Kelvin Chong - Life Insurance Brokers who genuinely understands the application and implementation of life insurance based products and works with the highest level of competence, compliance, integrity, and creativity.

We deliver insurance-based solutions to reduce risk determined by your current and future circumstances. During a consultation, your needs are analyzed, your situation is summarized, and we recommend the best insurance solutions available to you today. You are assured your ever-changing needs are still being met with our commitment to periodical reviews of your insurance portfolio because life can change.

Our client's privacy is of the utmost importance. Any information you share with us is done in confidence and for the purpose of assessing your situation and providing you the best viable solutions. Whether planning for the future or possible expenses, our recommendations are always rooted in guidelines and aligned with practical and reasonable expectations. We always move forward with mutual interest. Success and growth are achieved by implementing a plan upheld in an environment of trust, experience, and goodwill.

No fee confidential consultations are available Monday to Friday, morning or afternoon, whether by telephone or in person.

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