Judith Knudsen

Author: Kelvin Chong - Life Insurance Brokers |

My firm originally contacted CFBrokers Inc. in April 2011 regarding an aging term life insurance policy issued by Toronto Mutual on a key management player.  Since our original issue of this policy, Unity Life had bought out Toronto Mutual, and then eventually Unity Life was bought out by Foresters.  Due to the change of company insurers, we no longer had a local servicing agent to contact with respect to our policy. 

Fortunately,  Foresters provided contact details for CFBrokers Inc. and we contacted them to discuss the possibility of converting the existing term policy to a level term. Response from Kelvin, the principal at CFBrokers Inc., was quick, friendly, and informative. A detailed analysis of this policy, as well as other life insurance policies of our company, was prepared and discussed with us. 

Admittedly, insurance policies, and the industry language of such, can often be totally confusing and difficult to fully comprehend.  Kelvin was patient and diligent in ensuring that we understood the ramifications of various insurance coverage options, and over the course of a few months we were able to adjust our insurance needs accordingly.

Recently, due to a series of clerical errors by one of our insurers, we again turned to Kelvin for help to sort out the confusion and over-billing.  His office was supportive and efficient in clearing up the mix-up.  CFBrokers Inc. continue to do a great job of looking after our company's interests with respect to insurance requirements."